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Unlock iPhone 4S turbo sim
Unlock iPhone 5 turbo sim
Bluetooth autodyne artifact
IP dongle


E-TOOL (EMMC TOOL for all other boxes chip program)
there are many box can do 
eMMC Programming Reading Programming and Recovery
eMMC Samsung Firmware update , dead eMMC Flash Recovery
eMMC programming with vendor firmwares
eMMC Android file explorer with wide functionality.
but need welding testpoint,now our E-tool can programe the chips,no need welding more ,directly programme chips with adapter 

what is our E-TOOL special box one connector for all chip more VCC problem more connector board problem 7 box in one 

which box support:
easy-jtag box 
medusa pro box 
riff box 
riff 2 box 
ATF box 
UFI box 

Full set 

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