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Welcome to Ali-sim!

For ALI SIM mini update software realese

Please enjoy by yourself

ALI SIM update software:SimBridge V10.rar

There is 2 type ic 

for the big one ,update dongle driver:ALI SIM

for the small one ,update dongle driver :ACR38驱动 (2).zip

small one updater is different from the big one ,

the update dongle for small one is like this ,also it can use in big one .but big one updater can not use in small one 

how to update sim with the small one ,you can check the file how to use :HOW TO UPDATE.rar

2018/03/08 update file for small ic 

OEM iPhone Change Logo_#00 V11.5 20180119(4h)(1).rar

2018/03/08 update file for big ic 

Sfx440_iPhone_CLUB LTE_V9.46(1).rar

New update tool for sim ,it is fastest version 

update tool for it :

Unlock Card Tool V1.0.0.4.rar

update file for it :








Now enjoy ALI SIM !!!